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Your application to us Your application to us

Have we convinced you? Apply by presenting your company and your business idea and send us the necessary documents via the application form.

Application process

Step 1: By the deadline


There are 3-4 rounds per year. To participate, a large part of your company's value creation must be generated in the BLKB catchment area. Do you meet this requirement? If so, please submit all necessary documents by the deadline.

The next deadline is: August 30th 2024


Step 2: Review by FHNW

After the deadline has passed, we’ll send all submitted documents to FHNW. After a first check, FHNW will decide whether your application documents will advance to the next round. The business plan is the decisive factor. If you pass, your documents will be sent to TRETOR AG.

Step 3: Review of finances

Our partner TRETOR AG will review your financial plan in detail. If they decide that it is sustainable, we will invite you to a pre-pitch.

Step 4: Pre-pitch via Microsoft Teams

Now you have the opportunity to present your company and your business idea to FHNW and BLKB. A pre-pitch lasts about 15 minutes, followed by a 45-minute discussion.

Step 5: Evaluation

As soon as all pre-pitches have been completed, an overall evaluation of all companies and business ideas is carried out by FHNW and BLKB. Afterwards, each start-up receives a document with feedback on what was good – and what we think could be improved. This is a free service where you can benefit from the expertise of a professor, a fiduciary expert, and the bank. The start-ups that advance to the next round will be invited to an Advisory Board meeting.

Step 6: Pitch to the Advisory Board

In a 10-minute pitch with a predefined agenda, you will present your company and your business idea to our Advisory Board members. This is followed up by a 20-minute discussion.

Step 7: Final decision

One week after the pitch, the final decision will be made as to whether – and under what conditions – your company or business idea will be accepted into the initiative.

A candidate who has already taken part but did not succeed is welcome to apply again in another cycle.

Present your company and idea to us!

Required documents and downloads

Business plan

The business plan is part of the application. The application must be complete, including the management info (CV etc.), as this is of great importance. It should include:

  • Management summary
  • Company profile
  • Management team and employees
  • Products and services
  • Markets
  • Marketing
  • Business risks
  • Production & infrastructure
  • Financial plan
  • Miscellaneous (patent & brand protection, risk & insurance policy, public engagement)
  • Schedule
Financial plan

Detailed financial plan over a period of 3 years (balance sheet and income statement, including detailed statements on management compensation)

Liquidity plan

Over a period of 3 years, of which at least 12 months in detail

Financial figures

Latest income statement, balance sheet, current cap table

Declaration of Consent

All information about the Declaration of Consent, and release from bank client confidentiality, can be found on the form.

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