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Hannes Caj, Project Sponsor

Hannes Caj is in charge of Corporate Banking Advisory Unteres Baselbiet & Basel at BLKB and bears overall responsibility for the project. Among other things, he leads the Advisory Board meetings.

Marco Born, Co-Project Manager

Marco Born is responsible for credit management, internal processes, and all governance issues. In addition to evaluating and summarising the submitted business plans, he also handles the proper documentation.

Stefan Lehmann, Candidate Advisor

Stefan Lehmann works in the BLKB competence centre for start-ups and corporate customers at Alba-Haus. He supports the participants in the "100 fürs Baselbiet" initiative with his broad network in the Basel region, among other things.

Jasmin Münch, Candidate Advisor

Whether it's the application process, pitch phase or joint development of the business model: Jasmin Münch supports the participants as a customer advisor throughout all phases of the collaboration.

Thomas Müller, Head of Marketing & Communications

Thomas Müller coordinates the “100 fürs Baselbiet” presence and events to strengthen the network of participating SMEs and start-ups. He also implements marketing measures and keeps the website up-to-date.

David C. Sutter, Consultant

David C. Sutter is one of the founders of “100 fürs Baselbiet” and now supports the initiative with his many years of experience in an advisory role.
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