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Our mission

Read selected success stories about our start-ups and SMEs here. They prevent food waste or improve access to life-saving medicines and treatments. They construct high-performance bicycles or provide the Basel region with beer.

ARC8 Bicycles

«It was clear from the beginning that ARC8 should not be your classic bike brand. We want to offer an alternative for people who are not looking for a standard off-the-peg bike, by making custom bikes more affordable. As bicycle enthusiasts and not salesmen, our goal is to make the bikes that you (and we too) want to ride.»

Alpha Diagnostics

«We are dedicated to providing operators of large machines such as marine engines, locomotive engines, wind turbines and anything else that ‹turns› with equipment that monitors the large machines. AlphaSystem™ is the most advanced independent condition monitoring solution for rotating and reciprocating machinery.»


About 20% of all food is wasted. The two founders of Kitro have decided to fight this. With Kitro, they want to strengthen the value of food and prevent waste. To this end, they have developed technologies that can measure the degree of food waste in the catering industry.


Switzerland is a beer nation and has the best conditions for growing hops and malting barley, but until now the ingredients for Swiss beer have come from abroad. Birtel wants to change this and establish the value chain for its beer production in Switzerland. How a hobby became a professional passion.


Lyfegen HealthTech AG holds the key to a life-saving shift in the healthcare system. With the Swiss company's innovative technology, value-based healthcare can be implemented faster and more efficiently. Together with the pharma sector and healthcare payers, Lyfegen paves the way for millions of patients to have a chance at life.


Hand surgery using ultrasound rather than cutting into the skin? Spirecut, founded by orthopaedics and surgery expert Frédéric Schuind in 2020, is all about this medical revolution. The last three years have seen a steep development curve and lots of awards.
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