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Who we are

We are Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank

We are the largest bank in Basel-Country and one of the leading banks in Northwestern Switzerland. In 2023, an average of 957 people worked for BLKB's parent company, 46 of whom as apprentices or interns.


Our basis

Our share capital is CHF 217 million. Of this, CHF 160 million is owned by the canton of Basel-Landschaft. The remaining CHF 57 million are spread across the capital market in the form of BLKB participation certificates with a nominal value of CHF 100 each. The canton of Basel-Landschaft, which is liable for the bank’s liabilities by law (state guarantee), is the sole shareholder with voting rights.


Switzerland’s forward-looking bank

For more than 150 years we have been looking after the people in the region. We are the first port of call for individuals, businesses, municipalities and the canton and, by taking responsible action, we contribute to the positive development of this region. In addition to our 24 branches in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, we also have a presence in Breitenbach in Solothurn, in the city of Basel and in the Fricktal with branches in Rheinfelden and Frick. Courtesy of our Mobile Bank, we serve seven towns and villages in the Oberbaselbiet region.


Mission statement

We are Switzerland’s forward-looking bank. We are committed to sustainable development for all. We take responsibility for the people who trust us, for the society we live in, and for the environment that makes our life possible.

Our employees treat each other and others with respect and appreciation, promote diversity and difference and have a growth mindset.

Our customers can trust us. They inspire us every day to accept new challenges and maintain what has been tried and tested.

We share the same beliefs and values as our local and global business partners.

The region in which we live can rely on our local roots and our societal commitment.

The protection of the environment is the basis of our actions.

We are committed to this mission statement and to the underlying convictions, and focus our business strategy and actions accordingly.



We want to do today what matters tomorrow

BLKB is Switzerland’s forward-looking bank. Looking ahead into the future epitomises the proactive attitude of BLKB and stands for the Bank’s comprehensive sustainability efforts, which are an integral part of the business strategy. This strong conviction is also reflected in our mission statement, which is at the root of everything we do. Prioritising people, society and the environment, it focuses on areas where BLKB wants to have a positive effect and take responsibility. Employees, customers, business partners, the region and the environment benefit from the added value created in this way.

The mission statement lays the foundation for successful future sustainability efforts. Our primary objectives until 2030 define the direction for these. We regularly measure the progress of implementation and publish it in our sustainability report.


Our 2030 objectives

Mission statement and corporate strategy

Sustainability is an integral part of the business model. The Bank is not interested in creating parallel worlds of sustainability and business strategy.

The Bank is in regular contact with its stakeholders and integrates the various perspectives into its further development.

The Bank will put the 2030 objectives, defined in this document, into operation.

Objectives and transparency

The business objectives are consistent with sustainability as an integral part of the business strategy. The business objectives include both financial objectives and explicitly also social and environmental objectives.

Progress in the implementation of the 2030 objectives is regularly measured and published.

National and international societal, environmental, technological and regulatory developments are continuously monitored, assessed and taken into account in the definition of the objectives.

Transparency is a fundamental principle in the Bank’s internal and external communication.


Structures and responsibilities relating to the issue of sustainability are defined and integrated in organisational terms to allow measures to be implemented effectively.

Sustainability is an integral part of training courses and programmes to raise awareness.

Products and services

Sustainability is an integral part of the products and services offered. We are proud to play our part in achieving the Swiss climate targets.

We provide information on the social and environmental impact of all our products and services.

The various aspects of sustainability are an integral part of our consultations with customers.


We are the top sustainable regional bank in Switzerland

Our commitment as a sustainable company is internationally recognised. BLKB wins the “Best Regional Sustainability Bank Switzerland” award of the financial magazine “Capital Finance International” (


Jury recognises our holistic approach

In presenting the award, the jurors paid particular tribute to BLKB’s holistic approach, its commitment as a forward-looking employer, the consistently sustainable product range in the investment sector and BLKB’s performance in reducing its own CO2 emissions. The jury made specific mention of CO2 neutrality and acknowledged that we have chosen a local approach to compensate for CO2 emissions. BLKB is also cited as a role model for good corporate governance and as a company that reports transparently on its business activities.

Our services

Comprehensive all-purpose banking products and services for private and business banking customers. Onboarding documents in English are available.

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